Day 234: Herman provides a demonstration

14.06.23.Herman-1 14.06.23.Herman-2 14.06.23.Herman-3 14.06.23.Herman-4 14.06.23.Herman-8

After almost a week of getting used to the shark costume, Herman found that he could get out of it pretty quickly and move on to more important things, like finding clover.


Day 233: Herman gets tangled


The balcony garden had a number of advantages, the most important being that it allowed Herman to dig in and nap in the sun. However, recently the pansies had been getting unruly and Herman found himself getting tangled in their stems as he looked around for the perfect spot to burrow and bask. Yet another reason not to like pansies, he thought.

Day 230: Herman was tired

14.06.19.Herman measure-4

Being measured was not one of Herman’s favourite things to do, although it wasn’t one of his least favourite either. But it usually required some quick action on the part of the guardian. However, despite having a bath and being allowed to wander around the kitchen, Herman was not quite awake when the guardian went to measure him. So, when she gently pushed his head into the wall, he left it there. It was quite possibly one of the cutest things she had seen him do.

Day 220: Herman tries to be sneaky

14.06.16.Herman-1It was the sort of behaviour that could result in a tortoise getting banned from the park. Despite the bounty of clover, dandelions and other weeds available to him, Herman found himself testing the guardian’s patience by searching out and trying to eat discarded cigarette butts and old pup poop. However, because the guardian was worried about losing track of him, she kept a close eye on him and was able to stop him before anything actually got consumed. It didn’t stop him from trying to sneak things, though.


Day 215: Herman goes for a walk

20140605-002627-1587427.jpgNormally, by the time the guardian got home from work and took him to the park, Herman was not in the mood to explore. Instead, his goal was to find a spot to continue the nap that had been so recently interrupted. But today the grass had just been cut, making it much easier to see where he was going. Since he could now avoid going in circles, Herman decided it would be a good day to go for a walk.