Day 895: Herman gets spring weeds

IMG_7899 copy

For the past three days Herman had been able to graze outside for her dinner, and she was disappointed that the weather had taken a cold turn. The guardian, on the other hand, was happy that there were now enough weeds outside to start feeding Herman directly out of the garden. Paying $6 per bunch of  organic dandelions was not something the guardian enjoyed.


Day 889: Herman visits the vet

IMG_7856 copy

Herman did not enjoy visiting the vet. But, over the past few weeks the guardian had noticed that Herman hadn’t been pooping and she got concerned. After a thorough examination which included X-rays, blood tests (which Herman HATED) more X-rays and poop analysis it was determined that Herman was seriously dehydrated. The guardian was very sad that she’d let Herman get so sick over the winter. She’d been giving her baths, but not daily and it was clear that Herman didn’t get any of the hydration she needed from the pond. And so, Herman went home with four medications and an IV bag full of reptile fluids that the guardian would have to inject near her bum. On the bright side, an excellent way to rehydrate a tortoise was to feed them watermelon, which the guardian hoped would make up for the daily pokes.

Day 888: Herman’s homes

Herman had come a long way from the vivarium she was raised in as a little shell. She now had a luxurious split-level tortoise table and a brand new (not quite ready) outdoor garden. It had been an unusually mild winter and the guardian was already out, removing pup poop, sifting out the rocks Herman loved to eat and installing the wire netting that would protect her from the hawks that lived in the nearby bird sanctuary.

Day 336: The barren pond


When Herman woke up, he woke up to an empty food bowl. It was tough, but he tried not to let it get him down. Today, though, he found it very difficult to keep his spirits up. Not only was his food bowl empty, but the pond had been drained dry. No food and no water! He was so distraught that he sat in the barren pond until the guardian woke up and filled it. So great was his relief at having the pond replenished that he waited until breakfast was served to leave.