Day 328: Mr. Grumpy


Herman understood that the guardian would continue to make little changes until she felt comfortable with the arrangement of things in his new home, but he didn’t have to like it.


Day 327: Herman inspects the pond


After two weeks of changing Herman’s pond water daily (despite the fact that he not only ignored it, but actively seemed to avoid it), the guardian became quite pleased when she saw him climbing the ramp. She was quickly disappointed, however, when it became clear that Herman was just looking for breakfast and thought it might be hiding in the pond.

Day 325: A lesson about the internet


As Herman’s grazing time outside dwindled, the guardian was once again scanning the produce section for new, but healthy things for Herman to eat. She’d been following startortoise, whose beautiful Indian star tortoises loved the okra (AKA lady fingers) they got once a week. So, when she found some in the grocery store she bought a few to see if Herman would eat them. He loved them. Which immediately made the guardian suspicious. A quick check on The Tortoise Table’s plant database confirmed that okra was not, in fact, an approved food for Hermann’s tortoises. Perhaps next time she’d check the database first, before feeding Herman something she’d seen being fed to other species of tortoises.

Day 320: Herman gets a trim

Herman was not happy. He was not happy at all. The morning had started off well enough, with a nice bath and some yummy dandelion greens. But then the unthinkable happened. Finding that she had a bit of extra time before work, the guardian decided to trim his nails. She grabbed each leg, one at a time, and snip! snip! snip! snip! Before he had a chance to process what was going on, it was done. If he was being honest, it wasn’t a completely horrible experience, but he didn’t want her to know that. So he gave her a very long, very grumpy stare to discourage her from doing it again.

Day 319: Herman explores

It took him a week, but Herman decided to explore his new home. It had occurred to him that he might find other possible hiding spots if he looked around a bit more, and a tortoise couldn’t have too many places to hide. His favourite spot so far was in the shadow of the red geranium plant because it had the least amount of light. It meant napping without Little Pig during the day, but some sacrifices had to be made.

Day 316: Herman and light

Many aspects of Herman’s tortoise table had been carefully researched, except for possibly the most important: light placement. Specifically, the UVB lights that helped a Canadian tortoise like Herman thrive indoors. The tortoise table wasn’t finished – there was a loft to complete, but the guardian thought that when she was done she’d poke around the tortoise care forums and make sure that she’d done everything right.

Day 314: Change is hard

Herman refused to come out of his log, choosing instead to snuggle up with Little Pig and sleep the day away. So many things had changed and it was pretty overwhelming for a little Hermann’s tortoise. He used to know every piece of his home and now it was all different. Even familiar things, like his plastic cactus, his pond and his food bowl felt strange because they were all in the wrong spot. It was going to take some time, but the guardian was sure that Herman would learn to love his new home.