Day 207: Herman and creeping bellflowers


With all the new weeds and flowers being introduced because of the warm weather, Herman found that creeping bellflower leaves remained a favourite of his. Which was a relief to the guardian because they were easy to wash and keep in the fridge.


Day 204: Herman dips his toes in the pond


Once again, Herman was disappointed to find that on Sunday morning he did not receive his bath at the expected time. Instead of a proper bath with warm water that was refreshed often, he was forced to settle for dipping his toes in his chilly little pond. He made the best of a bad situation and allowed himself to relax and doze under the heat lamp. But when the guardian did finally wake up, he made a point of communicating with her his displeasure with the situation.

Day 202: Herman gets a bouquet


The balcony garden was getting plenty of sun so the guardian was able to serve pretty blooms for Herman’s lunches. Petunias, with their sweet smell and folding petals were a favourite and always the first to be eaten. Still leery from the time the guardian tried to feed him grocery bought ones, Herman would only eat pansies if their petals were still warm from the sun’s rays. And geraniums didn’t appeal to Herman at all and were always left untouched. It didn’t matter to the guardian if Herman ate his flowers or not. She just enjoyed watching them grow and having them around.

Day 197: Herman’s beak, pt. 2


Although bath time had become something Herman looked forward to and enjoyed, the guardian could tell from the look on his face this morning that Herman had still not forgiven her for the beak maintenance she had performed the night before. All things considered, though, he had done admirably well. The guardian was especially grateful that despite all the warnings, Herman had not been so undignified as to poop on her.

Day 196: Herman’s beak, pt. 1


It was the weekend and instead of being rushed around after his morning bath, Herman was able to relax and snuggle for a time with the guardian. Which he enjoyed a great deal until she started talking about the length of his beak and googling YouTube for tutorials on how to file it down. Herman had never had his beak filed before, he was still very young, but he hadn’t enjoyed getting his nails clipped and he had a feeling that getting his beak trimmed would be along the same lines.