Day 889: Herman visits the vet

IMG_7856 copy

Herman did not enjoy visiting the vet. But, over the past few weeks the guardian had noticed that Herman hadn’t been pooping and she got concerned. After a thorough examination which included X-rays, blood tests (which Herman HATED) more X-rays and poop analysis it was determined that Herman was seriously dehydrated. The guardian was very sad that she’d let Herman get so sick over the winter. She’d been giving her baths, but not daily and it was clear that Herman didn’t get any of the hydration she needed from the pond. And so, Herman went home with four medications and an IV bag full of reptile fluids that the guardian would have to inject near her bum. On the bright side, an excellent way to rehydrate a tortoise was to feed them watermelon, which the guardian hoped would make up for the daily pokes.