Day 888: Herman’s homes

Herman had come a long way from the vivarium she was raised in as a little shell. She now had a luxurious split-level tortoise table and a brand new (not quite ready) outdoor garden. It had been an unusually mild winter and the guardian was already out, removing pup poop, sifting out the rocks Herman loved to eat and installing the wire netting that would protect her from the hawks that lived in the nearby bird sanctuary.


Day 289: Herman and Little Pig


The guardian had been away for almost a month, leaving Herman in the attentive care of his feline friends, Michael and Maple, and their humans. When she returned from Australia, it became immediately clear to her that Herman’s rump was now too wide to fit into his tree stump. The tree log she bought was much roomier, and she gave him a little, purple pig to make it cozier for him. Previous attempts to introduce a snuggle buddy had not been that successful, but Herman quite liked Little Pig. He felt that Little Pig, who was just a little bit smaller than him, was exactly the right size.