Day 310: Herman is underwhelmed

After all the discussion about building a new tortoise table, and how wonderful it would be, Herman was understandably confused when he found himself on a square piece of grey slate in big, empty box. He consoled himself by focusing on the greens in front of him. But, he needn’t have worried. The tortoise table wasn’t ready; the guardian just wanted a photo of the structure to show how it was built. She’d spent a great deal of time looking on the internet for ideas, and the photos of tortoise tables being built were, by far, the most helpful. Unfortunately, she’d forgotten to take photos of Herman’s table being built. So she did the next best thing she could think of, she took a photo of his empty table and wrote out the shopping list:

  • 1 – Billy bookcase (d: 28cm, h: 106 cm, w: 80cm)*;
  • 2 – Billy extension units (d: 28cm, h: 35 cm, w: 80cm)*, one joined to the bookcase and one to act at the loft;
  • 1 – Fyndig countertop (a kick-ass find in As-Is)*, the water-proof base;
  • plenty of water-proof silicone;
  • some plastic wood filler, to fill bookcase shelf holes (super old – probably no longer sold);
  • 1 – Optix clear acrylic sheet (30″ x 60″), cut down to provide water-proof walls along the sides;
  • 28 – 1″ zinc corner braces, attached underneath to join countertop and ‘wood’ frame; and
  • lots of different sized screws.


**IKEA (which is why the measurements are in metric).


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