Day 146: Herman has a strong objection

Yesterday had been a very long day for Herman. He did not want to get up when the lights went on in his home and, unexpectedly, the guardian did not seem inclined to make him. What he did not realize, what he could not have imagined, though, was that his reluctance to rise and greet the day would mean that the guardian would leave his food bowl empty that morning. Actually, that wasn’t entirely true. Mocking him, in the centre of an otherwise empty dish, was the new cuttlebone the guardian had been trying to convince him to try the night before. Although he didn’t have any specific objections to cuttlebones, he did have a strong objection to missing breakfast.


Being the resourceful fellow that he was, Herman spent the morning digging around looking for food. He felt that although the dish was empty (as far as he was concerned), it didn’t necessarily mean that there was no food available. The new moss floor had a tendency to cover up leftover lettuce, so Herman felt optimistic that with some work he could find an overlooked, almost fresh piece of escarole or radicchio if he dug around a bit. The majority of his time was spent focused on his food dish, but he also searched the pond, the climbing rock and all around his tree trunk. Around noon, the search improved dramatically when the guardian appeared and fed him.


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