Day 127: Herman’s strategy for dealing with a long winter

As the dark days of January and February slid quietly into March, Herman noticed that the prolonged winter seem to be wearing the guardian down. In the morning, her usual greeting was becoming less cheerful and when she pulled the blinds down, she would sigh at the thin, weak light coming in. Herman felt sad about that and wished that he could somehow explain to her his secret for thriving during the long winter months. He knew that guardians felt that remedies like bundling up and engaging in winter activities or traveling to somewhere warm were helpful in making the season less arduous, but he felt that he’d discovered the true secret to winter happiness. And that secret was kale. Also, endive, radicchio, and sometimes escarole. The guardian didn’t seem to eat much lettuce as far as he could tell, and Herman was sure that if she ate more lettuce she would be happier.




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