Day 86: Herman looks for food

Herman was hungry. He was always hungry after a bath. The combination of waking up and getting warm always stirred his appetite and his post-bath wander generally involved looking for food.

photo 1-7

Normally Lucy gave Herman a wide berth, but today he walked directly towards her and so her curiosity got the better of her. As she leaned down to give Herman a good sniff, Lucy was promptly admonished by the guardian.

photo 1-8

Lucy sighed. Although Herman had a vaguely familiar and somewhat tantalizing smell, this was not the first time she’d been told to leave Herman alone.

photo 3-6

Herman had been oblivious to the interaction between Lucy and the guardian. His focus was entirely on finding food, and having reached something that looked promising, he took an exploratory bite.

photo 2-7

Startled by the pinch on her paw, Lucy immediately took to higher ground. Herman was also startled by the sudden disappearance of Lucy, but he tried not to show it. This was not the first time an exploratory bite had resulted in food going missing.


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