Day 84: Herman learns to appreciate in-floor heating

photo 2-3

There were a number of ways that Herman could tell that the weekend had arrived. For one, there was no beeping to accompany the turning on of the daylight lamp in his home. Also, morning baths were less rushed and generally followed by explorations of the world outside his home. Normally he preferred to walk along the hardwood floor, due to his familiarity with wood, but to his great delight he discovered that some of the rocks radiated heat. At first he thought he was imaging things, and found himself wandering in circles. The temperature wasn’t consistent, so some rocks would be warm and some rocks would be cold. However, once his nervousness over being exposed in the world outside his home subsided, he was able to concentrate on where the warmth seemed to be the greatest and settled there until Lucy started to make him uneasy.


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