Day 78: Herman’s Sunday afternoon

photo 1

For months now Herman had been listening to fantastic stories being told in the world beyond his home, but had never had the opportunity to experience them first hand. So when the guardian suggested watching a movie on Sunday afternoon, he willingly settled into her lap. For a while. Then he got bored and started to explore the fabulous hills and valleys of the guardian’s lap. Eventually his travels led him off the guardian’s lap and over to the far side of the sofa.

photo 2

As soon as Herman vacated the guardian’s lap, Lucy immediately took his place. Lucy was willing to share some of the guardian’s time in the morning as she fed Herman, and again in the evening when she fed Herman again, but sharing the guardian’s lap was not something that Lucy was prepared to do.

photo 3Lucy’s presence on the guardian’s lap was confusing for Herman and immediately drew his attention. He didn’t understand jealousy or possessiveness. He also didn’t understand that he couldn’t eat Lucy’s fur. Although his explorations didn’t hurt Lucy, it did make her nervous. They also made the guardian nervous.

photo 4And so a compromise was reached. Lucy got to stay on the lap and Herman’s attention was diverted to something less fragile, like the texture of the towel they were both sitting on.


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