Day 74: Herman and Hildy


Solitary life suited Herman. He found that there were a number of advantages to living alone, most of which involved not having to share foraged food. It also gave him uninterrupted time to ponder important questions throughout the day. Why was the radicchio, one his favourites these days, always on the bottom? What happened to the carrots to make them so unappealing? When would kale be making an appearance again?

Although he enjoyed his solitary life, Herman found that being in the company of his good friend, Hildy made him happy as well. Hildy was an ideal friend. She always listened to what he had to say and never interrupted or disagreed with him. And when he wanted to just sit in silence, she was perfectly content to do the same. Best of all, Hildy was always there when he went to look for her under the heat lamp. There was something quite wonderful about being able to share details and observations of his life with someone who listened and cared as much about the daily minutiae as he did.


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