Day 71: Herman’s hiatus: the cats

Herman had never encountered cats before, and despite some initial hesitation about creatures that could climb onto his home, he found that it was hard not to trust anyone who loved the heat lamp as much as he did.

14.01.12.Herman-9Occasionally there would be disagreements between the two cats about who would be able to sit next to the lamp (to accommodate  Herman’s need for warm and cool spaces, the lamp could not be placed in such a way that would allow both cats to bask with him), but he found that it was best to stay out of these arguments. As long as he was able to bask himself, he didn’t particularly care who was above keeping him company.

This is Michael.

This is Michael.

Herman found Michael to be an amiable companion. Michael was a bit shy and, if not next to the heat lamp, could be found keeping an eye on the neighbourhood from the comfort of a blanketed pillow on the window sill.

This is Maple.

This is Maple.

While Michael monitored the outside world, Maple kept watch over the inside world and the perch Herman’s home provided her was ideal. Not only did it give her clear sight lines to all the exits, but it provided welcome heat during overcast winter days.


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