Day 70: Herman’s hiatus: the boys

It started with coughing, sneezing and an unexpected amount of time being able to watch the guardian sleep. Then there were jokes about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which seemed inappropriate to Herman because he was a tortoise and, as he was often being called a turtle, was pretty sensitive about being compared to them. Finally, Herman found himself sharing a home for several weeks with two young boys, two guardians who cared for him, and two cats.

The boys were a lot of fun and Herman very much enjoyed sharing his breakfast time with them. The taller one wore a green long-sleeved shirt one morning that Herman playfully tried to eat. He knew perfectly well that it wasn’t food, but he remembered young boys and knew that reaching out and bumping against the glass would delight them. At night Herman could hear bedtime stories being read by the guardians and he found his dreams full of mythical creatures, magical quests and resourceful people. His home was perfectly situated so that Herman could sit comfortably inside his tree stump and watch all the activity that happened during the day. He might have preferred to watch the action from underneath his heat lamp, but for the first time Herman found himself in a position of sharing its warmth.


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