Day 29: Herman is honoured


When Herman woke up after his ordeal the day before, he found that the new world outside his home was pretty with colourful red and gold Christmas ornaments that he could admire without the distraction of Lucy barking or the guardian moving around. By mid-afternoon the quiet of the morning was replaced by the sounds of joyful children. Having lived in a home with three young children for a year, Herman found the noises familiar and soothing. However, when Herman ventured out to see what was for dinner he was surprised to find that the world outside his home was full of people, ranging from very small to really quite tall, and most of them were new faces. He didn’t understand what was going on until he saw the ornament that had been made to look like him. He then realized that the party was for him and he was incredibly flattered by the honour. As a result, he took his time before eating to bask by his pond and let his adoring fans get a good look at him.


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