Day 28: Herman takes a trip.

Herman’s afternoon nap was interrupted by the sound of the lights in his home being taken down. This did not overly concern him because the lights had been changed quite a bit recently. Then he heard his food dish and basking pond being removed. Again, common enough occurrences, and not much cause for alarm. In fact, Herman remained calm throughout the removal of the cacti, the broad leaves that provided shade and even his tree stump in which he took shelter to sleep. However, as soon as he was squeezed into a plastic container he realized that his afternoon had taken a decidedly unpleasant turn. Because this time it wasn’t just a new light, or new items in his home. Herman knew that the plastic container meant that his whole home was moving. This had happened to him a number of times in the past year, often for a short time while his guardian was on a trip. It wasn’t the idea of taking a trip that bothered Herman so much as the fact that he’d done some growing in the past few months and was no longer comfortable inside his travel carrier. He peed inside the carrier to let the guardian know that he was not happy, which was absorbed by the paper towel that had been placed there for his comfort. Herman’s distress was duly noted and a larger, roomer carrier was quickly arranged for his return trip.


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