Day 27: Herman balances the pros and cons.


Bathing outside his home was a fairly new experience for Herman and he had yet to make his mind up about whether he enjoyed it or not. One advantage was that the bathing water was often an excellent temperature for him, while the water in the basking pond tended to be too cool for his liking. On the other hand, a major disadvantage was that he was often napping, or about to nap, when the guardian decided it was time for a bath, whereas he could wash himself in the basking pond at any time he chose. The oddest part of the whole exercise was that bathing was followed by being dried off in a towel. He wasn’t sure what to think about the towel. It was soft, so that was nice, but you couldn’t eat it, so that was less nice. The more he thought about it, the more he decided that baths would be much better if you could just eat the towel after you used it to dry yourself off.


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