Day 24: Herman is good at hide-and-go-seek.


As Herman ate his late night meal he thought about the past three weeks and all the new things that had happened to him; the new location, the new guardian, the guardian’s dog, the new food, the new world outside his home, the new landscaping inside his home and the introduction of bath time. All of these things could have created a great deal of stress for a little Hermann tortoise, causing him not to eat, or oversleep, or hide all the time. But Herman was an easy going tortoise, and had learned that change was good and brought good things. Like the times when his previous guardian took him to wander outside – a place beyond the world outside his home, and graze on grass and dandelions, bask in natural sunlight, and play hide-and-go-seek (a game he always won by being the last one to be found). He wondered if he would get to play hide-and-go-seek again, but it seemed cold outside and he was happy doing what he was doing, eating.


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