Day 8: Herman meets Lucy

13.11.10.Herman-28-1It was a cold, snowy day outside his home but inside there was a wealth of new foods to enjoy. The guardian had brought home bean sprouts, collard greens and carrots with greens (Herman didn’t care for the greens part, but enjoyed the shredded carrots immensely), making for a pleasant change from kale and dandelion leaves. As a foraging animal, Herman particularly enjoyed the collard greens, a plant that was too big to fit into his home whole. There was something very enjoyable about being able to eat the ground under his feet, so much so that Herman completely forgot there was a dog sitting on the bed with him. Lucy, on the other hand, was well aware of Herman, but reluctant to say anything. She felt that interrupting Herman’s meal would be rude and waited until he was back in his home before carefully inspecting the area he’d been in for crumbs.


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