Day 7: Herman takes action

13.11.07.Herman-5The day began late with Herman being woken up by the hopeful whines of Lucy, the dog in the house. Breakfast was late also, but plentiful so Herman had no complaints. A new mound of wood chips had appeared the day before, leading to fresh hanging leaves of kale and dandelion. He had not bothered to explore the mound the day before, his attention having been diverted to the carrots in the morning and the projected TV after dinner. But this morning he felt like wandering around and the mound offered a fresh perspective on his home. From this new angle he could see into his basking pond and an idea formed in this head. Perhaps, he thought, if he wandered into the pond, took a long drink and soaked himself he could avoid a bath later on in the day. It was worth a try and so Herman put his idea into action.


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