Day 6: Herman adds variety to his diet.

13.11.18.Herman-27Herman was reluctant to get up. For the second day in a row there was no natural sunlight to bask in and he had a perfect circle of wood chips inside his tree truck that made him feel snug and safe. Sure, there would be fresh kale, but hadn’t he had kale for the past five days? Besides, the kale was sturdy and would keep for a few hours. But as Herman prepared to ignore the noises coming from outside his shelter he heard a thump. And then another, and another. Could it be? Herman’s curiosity was rewarded when he emerged to find three baby carrots waiting for him. The books on tortoises may have recommended shredded them up, but Herman thought round baby carrots were just fine. Sure they were harder to eat, but Herman appreciated a challenge. Particularly on a cloudy, snowy day when there was nothing else to do.


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