Day 4: Herman decides to change his routine.

Herman had always been very happy in his old home. It had been comfortable with just the right amount of food and warmth and love. However, it had been in a basement and so, with the exception of the lamp that went on at 7 AM and turned off at 9 PM, not much changed during the day. This new home, on the other hand, was up in the sky and as a result there was natural light that changed throughout the day. He discovered that in the morning there were streams of natural sunlight that he could sit in and warm himself up in. Rather than basking in the heat by his pond while his morning feast digested, Herman decided to change his routine and wander around to find out which spot had just the right amount of light and heat. He thought the spot next to the interesting poster would probably turn out to be the best spot, since it was next to his warm pond and away from the dog on the bed, but he decided to take the next few days before he made up his mind for sure.


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